Being Authentic:


Module I Authenticity Defined

Module II Knowledge of Self

Module III Our Beginning

Module IV Embracing Authenticity

Module V Express Yourself

Module VI Trusting Your Authenticity

Each module has review questions, reflection questions. The closing exercises help build comprehension of the course content and enhance the learning experience.

Authenticity is a gift that every person is born with. Once we learn to embrace the gift of our authenticity, it serves as a divine seal for everything we say and do as we exist in the world. The contentment that comes from leading an authentic lifestyle is incomparable. It’s a life well worth living!

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Being Authentic: Free Module to Online Course

Express Yourself

Express Yourself is one module of a larger course. The course is designed to help you as you commit to the process of becoming your most authentic self.

The course Being Authentic includes the following additional modules:

I. Authenticity Defined

II. Knowledge of Self

III. Our Beginning

IV. Embracing Authenticity

V. Trusting Your Authenticity

Deana "Dr. Free" Gordon shares over 25 years of professional experience in leadership and teaching. Each module contains reflection questions that will challenge inauthentic areas in your life and motivate you to be more true to yourself.

The modules also include heartfelt transparent cameos from her life that will inspire. Additionally, the review questions ensure comprehension of the content and the closing exercises and practices help students to engage with content in a personal way.

This module is being offered as a free gift to students as an introduction to the course and the courses offered at the Academy of Authentic Living.

Being Authentic

Module V Express Yourself

You are enough! You were born with everything you needed to complete your purpose and fulfill your role in this life. Begin and commit to the life process of fully accepting and celebrating yourself!